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Error when opening?



  • Thorsten


    I got this message, while I opened the Virtual Studio Template. Then I got more errors, and I can't change the colors. 

    Everything is ok and functionally very good but I can't change the Colors in my AE CS5. 

    Can you help me please ?

    Thanks Thorsten...

  • Szilard Gyorfi

    Hello Thorsten

    I see on the attached image the error, good idea to show this. This error occurs because after effect reads the expression differently on different language versions. For example your ae version is German, and the expression were made (the ones that control the colors) in the English version.

    The good news is that we have rewritten all the expressions in such a way that it works on All After Effects language versions (German, Spanish, Japanese etc..)

    I am emailing you the download link to the new version.


    Thank you for the feedback

    Gyorfi Szilard




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